Committee, staff and how to volunteer

The association has two paid staff and is managed by a committee that is elected at an annual general meeting held on a date to be advised.

The committee usually meets ten times during the year.



Office manager: Rosel Robertson

Office assistant: Kathryn Cable


President: Horst Kirchner    President

Treasurer: Geoff Cannock   Treasurer

Secretary: David Turnbull     Secretary

Committee Member: Geoff Rhodes

Committee Member: Nola Straughair

Committee Member STN: Cheryl Jannaway

Committee Member: Darrell Shepherd

Committee Member: Malcolm Gilfillan

Members are invited to nominate for the management committee. Information on nominating is available from the association office.


The association relies on volunteers for much of its work.

We strive to ensure that we have a strong group of volunteers to help with the association’s work.

If you are able to volunteer, or would like to serve on the committee, please contact us on (02) 6205.1055 or at

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